The Central Highlands Foundation
Over the past three years Central Highlands Foundation has constructed seven mountain spring improvement projects in Southern Ethiopia resulting in clean water being provided to nearly 10,000 people.  At their source mountain springs deliver perfectly clean water.  However, due to erosion and contamination from livestock and people the water can become polluted.  The solution to this is to locate the source of the spring and to enclose it in a concrete cap and then construct a reservoir complete with distribution taps downstream.  Animal troughs are also provided to segregate livestock from the human population.

The typical cost of such a structure is between twelve and fifteen thousand dollars.  These are continuously operating springs which provide clean drinking water throughout the year for up to a thousand people in the surrounding area.  This means that people will no longer suffer from parasitic diseases, dysentery, chronic diarrhea, typhoid fever, and that children will have a better chance of surviving into adulthood.

It is our intention to fund three to four spring improvement projects per year.  This would mean that between two to four thousand more Ethiopians would have access to clean water each year and would no longer be subjected to disease, sickness, and deaths associated with contaminated drinking water.

In order to make this happen we need your help.  All donations to the Central Highlands Foundation are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Please contribute through this website and help us make this a reality.
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